1. Hang up your towel

Today, most hotels have embraced the concept of "Hang-up-your-towel" which means that guests can affect the hotel's consumption of detergents. If you want to get a new towel, leave the old one on the bathroom floor/in the laundry basket. If you want to use it again and thereby make a sustainable choice, just leave it on the hanger.

2. Sort your waste

To recycle your soda can instead of throwing it in the trash may not seem like a big thing but if everyone chooses to use the hotels' recycling system it will make a big difference in the end. In Gothenburg you will find bins with different compartments for metal, plastic and so on in most hotel rooms.

3. Turn off the lights and unplug your charger

In many hotels, the light turns off automatically when you leave the room, but if you stay at a hotel where they don't have this environmentally friendly system you should always turn off the TV, unplug the phone charger and make sure that all the lights are off before you leave.

4. Avoid food waste

Few things are as tempting as hotel breakfast buffets and it's easy to take on more than you can chew. Some hotels have introduced smaller plates to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away and as a guest it is always better to refill your plate if your still hungry instead of filling it to the brim at once. In Gothenburg there are hotels that donate leftover food to charity. A much better solution than throwing it away!

5. Borrow a bike

Many hotels have bicycles that you can borrow and in Gothenburg there are also city bikes from "Styr & Ställ" that you can pick up around the city. Taking the tram is another nice and genuine way to discover the city.