The first settlers arrived at Nääs during the Bronze Age. Perhaps they carved the markings in the rock next to Vänhem in order to remember a unique place or a fond memory. Nääs has always been an important place both for those living here and for visitors to the area. As “Sweden’s window to the world”, people have for many years come here to meet, enjoy nature and learn the basics of arts and crafts.

Today Nääs is a national monument and nature reserve, as well as being a large estate with its own amazing history. The Castle Is the jewel in the crown sitting on its own peninsula and watching over the countryside.

Stay at Nääs Slott

Rent a castle wing or book a turn of the century room at Björkenääs or Vänhem. Nääs Slott offer Bed & Breakfast in rooms that have been individually decorated according to the styles of the 1900s, delivering high quality standards at a reasonable price. Enjoy the silence and peacefulness that encompasses a visit to Nääs.

The north and south wing

The Castle wings at Nääs have a history of their own. The Crafts College was founded here in 1872, and for nearly 25 years the famous Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf used to spend her summers here together with her friend Sophie Elkan.

In the 1700’s Nääs was owned by Jacob von Utfall, a Director of the East Indian Company, although back then the castle looked more like a 17th century farm house. The two wings standing on either side of the castle date back to this time.


Vänhem was originally erected in a part of Gothenburg called Gamlestaden as a summer residence for August Abrahamson and his wife Euphrosyne. In 1873 the entire building was moved to Nääs and became the focal point of social gatherings at Nääs, during the heydays of the Crafts College.


Björkenääs was erected in 1878 as a residence for the manager of Nääs – Otto Salomon. According to records, it was built in the same style as the Russian Tsar’s summer palace in the Crimea. 

Castle café and restaurant

Nääs Slotts Café and Restaurant is situated in the former stables beside the Castle. The main focus is on green-thinking and high quality produce and as a guest you can enjoy a soup buffet or a saturday brunch with locally sourced game. 


Address: Nääs Allé 12
Stop: Lilla Nääs
Phone: +4630231839