Walk, jog, run! 

Discover a new place to walk this weekend or a new track which you can run. Exercise in many ways around Gothenburg. 

The city is full of water 

The water is constantly present in Gothenburg, it flows through the city centre and surrounds you in the archipelago. Whether you want to go canoeing, fishing, swimming or just watch the water, there is something for you here. 



Family fun

In Gothenburg there are many adventures for the entire family, so many that there is even a book written about them. There is something for children of all ages, and every interest. And if the kids want to try riding a horse there are several places to do that. Would you rather sit down and have a picnic? Gothenburg offers many terrific places for that as well.  

Culture that has moved outdoors

You can find culture on more places in Gothenburg than on the inside of museums, concert halls and galleries. Here you get some tips on how you can experience culture outdoors! 

Climbing and cycling

The area around Gothenburg is known for its nice climbing spots, according to some people Gothenburg has the best granite flat rocks there is. When your done climbing you can head to High adventure and climb their rope courses in the treetops. If you want to stay closer to the ground you can go on a bike adventure, there are tracks both for the beginner and the experienced bike rider. 


Make shopping and eating green

Are you not that adventurous, but rather one who likes to shop and eat? There is a green Gothenburg for you too, of course.

What are you allowed to do in the Swedish nature?

Thanks to Sweden’s ”allemansrätt”, the right of public access, you have an incredible freedom in exploring the Swedish nature. However, with that freedom comes the responsibility to show respect for the nature, landowners, and other visitors. 

Allemansrätten, what’s the deal?