The people of Gothenburg produce enough waste annually to fill the Ullevi stadium to the brim. That’s not sustainable. An easy way to reduce waste is by using fewer single-use items, such as takeaway lunchboxes. That’s why The City of Gothenburg, Göteborg & Co, Avenyföreningen and Innerstaden have launched the Ja! (Yes!) initiative. Several workplaces and restaurants have already joined in, more are on their way, and you can join too! 

How does it work?

You simply bring your own lunchbox to the restaurant and let the restaurant staff know that you want your lunch in your own box rather than in a single-use box. 

Can I bring my box to any restaurant?

Yes! You can go to any restaurant. There are no laws or rules that prohibit a restaurant from serving you in your own lunchbox, however, it is up to each restaurant to decide if they want to do so. Here’s a list of restaurants that have said yes already. If your favourite restaurant is not on the list, then bring your box in next time you go there and let them know about the initiative and ask them to join! Free downloadable material is available from this website for the restaurants to use.

How can I get my colleagues to join in? 

Start by bringing your lunchbox and show them how easy it is. Try having a number of boxes at the office for everyone to use, so that the boxes are always readily available when you are heading out for lunch.