The Nordic Watercolour Museum opened in the summer of 2000 and was designed by the Danish architects Niels Bruun and Henrik Corfitsen.

The extension with a further 400 square meters was completed in the summer of 2012 and designed by Tengbom.

Museum of the Year

In 2010 the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and the RSM (Riksförbundet Sveriges Museer) declared the Nordic Watercolour Museum Museum of the Year. The jury motivated the award with the words:

“For the museum’s successful work in demonstrating with consistent quality the range and breadth of watercolour art and in attracting large numbers of visitors as a result. The museum produces world-class exhibitions and is a model for others in the links it establishes between museum, research and education. The museum expands boundaries and displays the world to the local community. A museum that has transformed a community.”


Address: Södra hamnen 6
Stop: Kommunalhuset, Tjörn
Phone: +46304600080