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Please note that the information below may have changed since last update 2019-05-02.

What kinds of beer do you brew? Lager/Pilsner (Västkustpilsner, Hank) Apa (Citrauvin), Ipa (Twelve Fifty), Sour Ale (Hallon Passion), Porter (Harwood Porter), Pale Ale (Folkale) and Neipa (Hazie Dizzie).

Do you make low alcoholic beer? Yes, 3,5%, you can buy our "Folkale" in good stores.

Do you accept visits? Absolutely.

Can you sample beer during a visit? Yes, and you can book the place for events.

How do you book a visit? We are there every day so come by, or email first at

Are your beers available at pubs in Gothenburg - at which ones? Yes, at 2112, Bishops Arms, John Scott's, Ölstugan Tullen, and more.