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The East Indiaman Götheborg

Join a magnificent adventure.

Explore a replica of the East Indiaman that sank outside Gothenburg upon the return from China in 1745.

Temporarily closed.

The East Indiaman Götheborg is a genuine working ship with a vibrant history. Scarred by harsh storms and marked by thousands upon thousands of nautical miles on the seven seas. The ship is a replica of the East Indiaman that sank outside the city of Gothenburg in 1745. She was built in modern time using the tools and methods of the past. Since her maiden voyage to China in 20052007 the ship has carried out a total of nine expeditions around the world.

Today the East Indiaman Götheborg is a destination of historical interest in the city of Gothenburg, as well as a ship loaded with experiences. Here, visitors get to take part of everything from captivating stories and the tremendous art of shipbuilding, to knot-tying courses and culinary delights in a contemporary 18th century environment.

Visit the East Indiaman in Summer 2020

During opening hours, there are guided tours in English every hour upon request.

There is a pop-up shop on the pier that everyone has access to. If you buy an entrance ticket, you can for the first time ever explore the Ship Workshop where you really get to feel the smell of tar. There is also a historical exhibition in The Ship Hall about the Swedish East India Company's travels to China in the 18th century and a film from the expedition to China in 2005. There will also be the opportunity to touch and feel various items that are exhibited this summer. Finally, all paying guests are offered a guided tour aboard the Swedish Ship Götheborg.

Safety and distance are important. Through careful planning, a flow through the premises and the ship has been created in order for visitors to feel safe. There will also be a limited number of 40 people per hour to minimise crowds. 

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster on-site in the pop-up shop, subject to availability. A guided tour onboard the ship takes about 25 minutes.

The ticket provides entrance to the area during the selected timeframe. Guided tours on board every 20 minutes. Guided tours in English are given 20 minutes to the hour upon request.

The first tour for the day is 11:20 and the last 15:40. Maximum 10 people per guided tour. Please note: last entry to the area is at 15:30.


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