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The yellow wooden house with its porch and garden is located on a small hill and can be shown far away from the boat taking you to the island of Styrsö. A 15 minutes boat ride from Saltholmen and a short walk from the harbour will take you to this hotel.

There are seldom any traffic on the island. It's like stepping in to another time. The impression is enhanced by aged beautiful furniture, lace curtains, crocheted tablecloths, candelabras and porcelain figurines. There's no TV here, instead they have board games, books and magasines to borrow. Wifi is of course also available.

The rooms are decorated differently and several of them are facing the ocean. You can watch the ocean from the dining room with linen tablecloths and chairs in floral fabric as well. The food is organic and comes from local producers or from their own garden. The beverage comes from local craft breweries or small wineries around the world.

In the combined entrance and livingroom, known as "Grandmas sitting room", the fireplace is being lit as soon as it gets cold outside. Right outside the hotel you can enjoy great trails along the ocean and in forest.

You can enjoy all occasions at Pensionat Styrsö Skäret; Easter, Midsummer, the crayfish parties, christmas buffe and more.  

Ola Tulldahl's five must-dos at Styrsö


Address: Skäretvägen 53
Stop: Saltholmen
Phone: +46 31 973230