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Kitchen products

Artilleriet Kitchen Studio

Beautiful kitchens and inspiring designs.

Artilleriet Kitchen Studio is a sister store and neighbour to the home design and decor shop Artilleriet. Here, Swedish-made kitchens in massive wood are designed according to each customer’s unique needs and wishes. With authenticity, sustainability, and quality of life in focus, the studio works with natural materials to create kitchen concepts that last for generations. Here you can also find an eclectic assortment of kitchen and serving products that match Artilleriet’s unique style.

Kitchen view made of wood and stone with different kitchen supplies like pots, pans and plates, and a stove and oven in the middle.

Credits: Fanny Rådvik

View of a large pink cabinet with different pieces of decoration and kitchen objects inside such as plates, glasses, and cups. There is also a kitchen table on the left with a jar with flowers and even loose flowers on the table.

Credits: Fanny Rådvik