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Svensk-fransk restaurang

Bar Palavas

Swedish-French bistro with raw products from local producers and growers, which are paired with carefully selected wines and beers from nearby microbreweries.

Bar Palavas is run by the founders of well-renowned and popular Viktors Kaffe. From there, they have brought the same inviting and familiar ambience to this Swedish-French bistro.

The fundament of the restaurant are collaborations with friends. The menu was put together with friends from the French bistro Milou in Toronto, resulting in a French inspired menu with Swedish seasonal and local ingredients. The furniture carpenter Kim Björnson, who was Viktors Kaffe’s first employee, is behind the furniture and large parts of the interior design of Bar Palavas. All this contributes to a homely and relaxed atmosphere over the restaurant.

Just a stone’s throw from Viktors Kaffe, Bar Palavas is located on a cross street to the main boulevard Avenyn, namely Teatergatan, which is a street that has steadily grown in popularity in recent years.

Credits: Ricky Sokhi/Göteborg & Co