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Craft beer brewery

Barlind Beer

Barlind Beer is a small-scale craft brewery and taproom situated on the island Björkö in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Jonas Barlind, originally a chemist, has transformed into a brewer. Since 2015, he has been operating a small-scale craft brewery, along with a taproom, on the island Björkö in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg.

The brewery and taproom are situated in the old ice storage building, right in the heart of Björkö’s small harbour. The interior has an industrial feel, preserving a wealth of history in its walls and artifacts, resembling a bit of a museum. To the west, there’s an outdoor seating area, and you can grab food from nearby restaurants.

Barlind Beers’ taproom is open to the public throughout the year (check the brewery’s social media for current opening hours). Additionally, it is available for bookings by larger groups or companies for conferences, brewery tours, and beer tastings.