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Hiking trail


340 kilometres of breathtaking nature.

Bohusleden is a hiking trail consisting of 27 sections, offering a total of 340 kilometers of scenic and varied hiking. The trail extends from Lindome in the south, at the border to Halland, to Strömstad in the north. On the way, you will find everything you need, in terms of rest areas, wind shields, fireplaces, toilets and trash cans.

The different parts of the Bohusleden trail have very different characters. The southern part, closest to Gothenburg, as well as close to Kungälv, Uddevalla and Munkedal have sections that are easier to access by car and public transport, and where you can find different types of accommodation, food and water.

The more distant parts of the trail, especially sections 18-24, are more difficult to reach by other means than by car. Overnight stay is only in tents or in wind-shelters and you have to carry all your supplies and be prepared to boil water from the lakes you pass.

Therefore, plan your hike well and pack based on the nature of the sections and their level of service.

In the south, Bohusleden joins with Hallandsleden. In the north, there are connections from Bohusleden into Norway via Kuststigen – The Coastal Path.

Just east of Gothenburg, from Skatås, Bohusleden runs parallel to both the Gotaleden and Vildmarksleden until these trails continue on their own stretch.