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Seafood and grill restaurant

Brasserie Lavette

Seafood, grill, and cocktails, with Saturday vibes every day of the week.

Brasserie Lavette is a Paris and New York inspired seafood and grill restaurant, run by the Familjen Orrmyr. The family business also runs the restaurants Bord 27, Natur, Totale and Salut in Gothenburg.

Their large menu offers seafood, whole grilled fish, tarte flambée and tournedos Rossini. As the name suggests, Brasserie Lavette wants to serve guests a real lavette (ear file in French) of experiences and flavours when they visit the restaurant.

With inviting and cosy interior, large all year-round outdoor seating and festive atmosphere, Brasserie Lavette delivers a Saturday vibe every day of the week!

Credits: Familjen Orrmyr

Credits: Familjen Orrmyr