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Archipelago island


Island with magnificent scenery and swim spots 15 minutes from Saltholmen.

On Donsö in the southern part of Gothenburg’s archipelago, fishing and shipping are still vital. On the island there are around 10 shipping companies with 30 vessels. Most of them are too big to fit in the island’s harbour. There is also a fishing fleet with eight modern trawlers and smaller fishing boats. The island also has great hiking paths and places to swim.

The island has around 1500 inhabitants. There are also schools, a guest harbour, bakery, café, shops and a smokehouse. You’ll find beautiful natural landscapes on the island’s northern part and right down in the south. Go exploring the winding paths and take in the beautiful views!

If you can’t get enough of Donsö the hotel and restaurant Isbolaget has open for visitors to stay overnight. On Donsö you can enjoy fresh and newly catch fish and seafood at Fiskeboa.

Take a walk on the short bridge to the neighbour island Styrsö if you like! It’s a perfect opportunity to discover two beautiful islands in one day. 

Credits: Peter Kvarnström

Credits: Peter Kvarnström