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Emigranternas Hus

Interesting exhibitions about migration.

Emigranternas Hus is a place where the research and the meeting of people help create a better understanding of migration and immigration, historically and today.

Did you know that 1.4 million people emigrated from Sweden, due to poverty, lack of religious freedom and political reasons, between 1850 and 1930? Most of them left from Gothenburg and Emigranternas Hus.

At Emigranternas Hus, you’ll find exhibitions and stories about migration. Enter the migrant ship “Green Parrot” and get a sense of what life was like for the Swedish emigrants. You’ll also find stories about how life turned out for the immigrants in their new country. Understanding migration historically helps understanding migration today. 

The Emigrant House is located in the Tollhouse down by the harbour, right in the middle of the district which during the great emigration era was strongly characterized by emigration with hotels, travel agencies and agent offices along the streets. It was through the Tollhouse that every emigrant had to pass to get their emigrant contracts issued and stamped before they could begin their journey towards the new country.