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Archipelago island


A serene and car-free island with few residents.

On Grötö in the northern part of the archipelago there are only about 100 residents year round, which makes Grötö the island of tranquility. There are no cars and to get to the island you first go to Björkö and then hop on the ferry from there.

Grötö has a child-friendly beach and a small marina with room for about 15 boats. There are also two boule courts in the harbor, used by both residents and visitors during the summer months. A short walk from the harbor you will find the restaurant Haralds on Grötö, serving pizza and other Italian dishes.

There are both lush forests and bare rocks on the island. Look out over the archipelago at two lookouts, Huvudbergen and Valen, the latter located almost in the middle of the island.