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18th century estate

Gunnebo House and Gardens

One of the finest 1700s establishments in northern Europe.

Gunnebo house was built as a summer villa for the wealthy merchant John Hall and his family. Today, Gunnebo is a thriving cultural landmark with guided tours and events, a coffee house and restaurant, a shop and a farm. Visit Gunnebo house and Garden and come closer to the 1700s. It’s open daily and all year around.

The gardens are always open and there’re guided tours of Gunnebo House and gardens all year round, at set times. Groups can pre-book tours in English or German. You’ll find more information on schedules and tickets at the Gunnebo website.

Experience authentic history

Gothenburg’s city architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg designed Gunnebo as a work of art. The decoration and furnishing of the house, and several gardens was all designed by Carlberg in the 1780s. In the 1990s Gunnebo house was reconstructed to its original design and preserved its authenticity.  The Gunnebo house considered one of the finest 1700s establishments in Scandinavia.

Enjoy good food at Gunnebo restaurant, coffee house and bar

The kitchen garden is certificated by KRAV as sustainable and eco-friendly and located just nearby Gunnebo restaurant, coffee house and bar. Imagine eating newly harvest herbs and vegetable picked from the garden. That’s what locally produced are all about. Further inside the kitchen there’s Gunnebo bakery which only use KRAV-labelled ingredients. Enjoy good food and drinks in this unique 1700s environment is a delight for all senses. The restaurant and café are part of Taste in Western Sweden. 

Bring a part of Gunnebo home

Gunnebo’s boutique and gift shop offers locally craft made by high quality, unique Gunnebo products, gadgets to gardens and tasty pastries and other products from Gunnebo bakery. 

Gunnebo House and Gardens