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Constantly evolving park with spectacular sauna and swimming pool.

Jubileumsparken is part of the Gothenburg 400th anniversary celebration, and a place that brings the city closer to the water. The park, located in the Frihamnen area, will continue to evolve and change to and beyond the city’s anniversary in 2021.
Early spring 2021, construction of the first permanent parts of the Centenary Park on land starts, with an excursion playground and lush clearings. During the entire construction period, parts of the park are open and accessible for visitors.

Sweat in style
Marvel at the design or book your spot in the spectacular sauna, created by award winning architect group Raumlaborberlin.

Floating pool and sandy beach
Jubileumsparken has a manmade beach with a wooden decking, perfect for a warm summer’s day. If you get too hot, cool down by taking a swim in the floating public pool located along the pier Kvillepiren.

The saltwater tub
Since 2018 there is a test pool filled with saltwater in connection to the sauna. The tub measures one meter deep and three meters in diameter, it also contains seven cubic meters of saltwater. The water is continuously pumped in and circulates, and is gradually replaced after about two hours.