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Archipelago island


A small, beautiful island free from cars.

Köpstadsö is located in the southern part of the archipelago, also called Kössö. It’s the smallest island in the archipelago with around 100 full-time residents. During the summer, that number rises considerably up to 300 residents.

The island consists of narrow, winding alleys and the only allowed vehicle is the wheelbarrow. At the ferry terminal, the first thing you will notice is the islanders’ wheelbarrows lined up in a row.

You will find nice hiking trails in the forest and bathing places around the island worthy of a visit. At the harbour on the island’s east side, across from Mosskullen, you’ll find a few places for visiting boats. If you want to eat something while visiting Kössö, bring your own picnic since there are no supermarkets or kiosks on the island.