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Playful park and garden

Liseberg Gardens

Liseberg is more than just an amusement park.

Liseberg Amusement Park has always been known and liked for its gardens, and with the new Liseberg Gardens there’s even more to see. Take a stroll along winding paths past water falls, flower beds and artwork, with exciting rides just around the corner.

Liseberg is one of the largest parks in Gothenburg – actually occupying an entire hillside – and has a long history of fascinating people and events that have shaped the park you see today. Oak trees planted in the eighteenth century still stand on the hillside, all set amid lush greenery and flowerbeds that have a history of their own.

Liseberg Gardens consist of several spaces with very different moods and content. They range from spontaneous play and breathtaking rides to picnic places and benches under the oak trees where you can relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

The Liseberg Gardens are included in the regular admission fee. 


Liseberg has a long horticultural history, having been used at various times as pasture, a smugglers’ den, a tobacco plantation, a grand farm, a private garden and finally an amusement park.

When the park was acquired by the City of Gothenburg in 1908 the vision was to create a popular amusement park and a leisure area where the people of Gothenburg could enjoy the beauty of nature.

The vision became a reality, and when the amusement park opened its gates, during the World Expo in 1923, visitors were greeted by splendid flower arrangements and a wonderful green setting, dotted with dance floors, restaurants and carousels.

Credits: Stefan Karlberg, Liseberg