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Naturum Fjärås Bräcka

Learn about nature while also experiencing it.

The Naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre has a view of the lake Lygnern and nature to the east, and the sea, forests and fields to the west. Here, you can learn how this geological formation was created in an experience-based exhibition. There are various themed evenings and activities for children, which are updated regularly on their website throughout the year. The café serves homemade fare, made using organic and locally produced ingredients.

There are several hiking trails in the nature reserve, allowing to you enjoy the beautiful scenery and the many viewpoints. If you want to take a swim, there is a bathing area at the lake Lygnern. The two barbecue spots on the shore are stocked with firewood all year round. There are also two other barbecue spots in the nature reserve, but you will need to bring your own firewood.

Credits: Per Pixel Petersson

Credits: Emma Grann

Credits: Emma Grann

Credits: Emma Grann