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Jazz club


Concert hall with jazz, techno and house clubs.

This is a legendary jazz club with a wide repertoire. Besides live shows, Nefertiti is also home to the city’s most vibrant nightclubs. On stage, you will mostly hear jazz, but also etno, hip hop, blues, soul and electronic music.

The crowd is mixed and the atmosphere is relaxed although there are a lot of people. Nefertiti is not just a concert venue, it also serves great food.

Since 1978, Nefertiti has been run by a music association and with a few hundred concerts a year is one of leading stages of international repute in the Nordic area. Over the last few years, the club has given over 200 concerts a year and this is where Sweden’s greatest jazz musicians and bands come to play, as well as the cream of the American and international jazz elite.

On top of that, the club also hosts other musical genres such as latino, blues, tango, etno/world music and more. In the nightclub, the latest of the musical genres that are electronica, house, techno, indie, noise, r’n’b and soul can be heard as well as new jazz forms. Young people are welcome with adult supervision
Queues can be long, make sure you come on time!
Opening times vary.

For information about accessibility please read more here.