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Restaurang Brödernas

The restaurants Brödernas are restaurants that serve high-quality hamburgers and pizzas.

Brödernas are located on Järntorget and in Nordstan Shopping Center, they’re perfect spots to bring the entire family for lunch as well as dinner. The restaurant chain was founded in 2017 by the two brothers Jonas and Joakim Wiklander. In early 2019, the brothers Monir Kalgoum and Mika Zibanejad joined, and since then Brödernas has been expanding across Sweden – always with the ambition to be associated with fantastic hamburgers. For each meal, Brödernas offers a range of self-produced beers and a variety of other drink options.

Credits: Restaurang Brödernas

The loggo Brödernas

Credits: Restaurang Brödernas

A glass of beer is served

Credits: Restaurang Brödernas