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Craft brewery

Rörö öl

Craft brewery in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Rörö öl is a microbrewery founded in 2020 in the most northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. The brewery first started in a garage but due to growing popularity, thet have recently moved into a section of the Rörö fire station.

The archipelago has a long tradition of making your own products and the brewery is keen to keep that tradition alive. Their beer is dedicated to the men and women who love Rörö for its rugged cliffs, fields of pebbles, beaches and ocean views.

By working together with local restaurants, the brewery can offer boat tours, tastings tours and more. You can find their beer at Systembolaget, their low-ABV beer at ICA supermarkets at Hönö and Rörö, and at restaurants Rörö Fiskeboa & krog and Café Röröboa as well as restaurant DEG in the city centre of Gothenburg.