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Boat tour

Skärgårdslinjen – M/S Trubaduren – M/S Medvind

Seafood cruise and show in the Gothenburg Archipelago. M/S Trubaduren is a passenger steamer that operates seafood and show cruises around Gothenburg. On board you find a main deck with a restaurant, bar, small dance floor and a sun deck. Cruises depart from the Packhuskajen harbour.

The ship M/S Trubaduren travels from the inner harbour, close to the city centre, to the archipelago and may well be the most entertaining floating restaurant in town. It’s the place to go if you enjoy sea food and a good time.

The generous sea food buffet includes crayfish, shrimps, mussles, herring, salmon and more. During the tours the crew will entertain the travelling guests with a sparkling show.

During day time in summer, they offer tours without the show but with the same tasty buffet.

M/S Trubaduren is operating tours all year around.

Credits: Skärgårdslinjen