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Slottsskogen City Park

A large park and recreation area in the city.

Welcome to Gothenburg’s main park. Take a stroll along the winding paths lined with leafy greenery and you’ll see why Slottsskogen is the locals’ favourite place to unwind. You’ll also be able to see mooses, Gotland ponies, Gute sheep and other Nordic animals in the park zoo.

Slottsskogen is a place for relaxation, recreation and outdoor activities. The mix between planned park and natural forest creates a fantastic environment for everything from running to cosy picnics. In and close to the park are cafés, playgrounds and much more.

Much of the park is given over to natural parkland with native trees such as linden, beech, maple and various species of oak. The Dawn Redwood and stately Serbian spruce are a few examples of the more exotic plants on display. The azaleas are not native but have become famous in Slottsskogen.

The petting zoo and pony rides are open from April to September. The park zoo is open all year round and the admission is free. Slottsskogen also hosts events, big and small, throughout the year. One of the main ones being the music festival Way Out West.

See and do

In Slottsskogen you’ll find large, open spaces, perfect for children to play in or for outdoor activites. There are also volleyball courts, miniature golf, outdoor gyms and playgrounds.

One of the popular playgrounds is adventure playground Plikta. On the other side of the park is the exciting playground Naturleken, that uses nature to create a fun environment for children.

The observatory Slottsskogsobservatoriet is located in the northern part of the park, on the top of the hill, and it’s a great spot to visit if you want to learn more about stars and planets.

Eat and drink

Take a break at one of the many cafés in Slottsskogen.

Café Azalea is located where Säldammsbacken meets Vedbacken. The menu offers light meals, sandwiches and patisseries. Most of what’s on offer is locally produced.

If you’re looking for something more to eat, head to the cosy Villa Belparc, situated by the pond Stora dammen. During the summer there’s also an impressive music scene to check out at Villa Belpac as some of Sweden’s most beloved artists and other acts takes over the outdoor stage.

In the middle of Slottsskogen is Café Björngårdsvillan, dating back to 1906. They serve coffee and light meals.  

Credits: Steampipe Production Studio

The park zoo hosts seals and penguins.

The park zoo also hosts moose.

Slottsskogen is a great place for a walk or a run.Credits: Steampipe Production Studio

Enjoy the seasons in Slottsskogen city park.Credits: Peter Kvarnström

Way out west is one of many events held in Slottsskogen City Park.Credits: Peter Kvarnström

The pond near the restaurant Villa Belparc.