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Sweet Freedom

Artwork created by the artist Max Sansing in 2021 within the art project Artscape, as a part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary celebrations.

Max Sansing is an American artist who received his informal training in the Chicago graffiti scene. Since then, he has graduated from the American Institute of Art and had his work shown in galleries from Washington to Miami.

– To be able to invite Max Sansing feels amazing. He is a politically conscious artist who unites symbolism, realism and expressive colours in a truly inspiring way and it will put Biskopsgården on the international art scene, says Daniel Wakeham from Artscape.

In the work Sweet Freedom, Max Sansing has drawn inspiration from Biskopsgården’s proximity to nature and the expression “sankofa” – a word from the Akan tribe in Ghana that emphasises the importance of learning from our past.

Credits: Jon Högman

Credits: Jon Högman