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Maritime museum (temporarily closed)

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium

Exhibitions about life under, above and at the water surface.

The Maritime museum and aquarium will be closed for renovations and will reopen December 10 2022. Read more here.

Since the Maritime Museum opened in 1933, it has attracted millions of visitors. Now the museum is undergoing its largest renovation and addition ever.

On December 10, the new museum will reopen to the public with no less than six new exhibitions and a completely new aquarium building underground. The new Aquarium has ten times greater water volume than before, of which the largest holds 400,000 liters and a living coral reef.

In Vattenplaneten (planet water) you get to learn more about the world ocean and in the exhibition Hav av historier (Sea of stories) you meet the people who crossed and worked on the world ocean for 400 years.

Stora Blå and Knattegatt let children and their adults discover and explore the sea together in imaginative environments.

There is also a photo exhibition from the city’s shipbuilding industry and beloved ship models.

You are welcomed by a new entrance, a museum park with larger green areas and a new bistro with outdoor seating facing south.

220518 Sjöfartsmuseet. Foto© Kristin Lidell. Fotografens namn ska anges vid publicering. Credits: Kristin Lidell