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Historical, contemporary museum

The Museum of World Culture

Exhibitions and programs about current questions in the world around us.

In this award-winning building you’ll meet the world and experience a mixture of international architecture, contemporary art, seriousness and exciting activities.

The Museum of World Culture is a place for questions, big or small, and for curiosity and dialogue. The museum brings you historic and current issues, offering experiences for all ages. The unique architecture and central location makes the museum a natural meeting point. Furthermore, the museum has a rich program with everything from film and theatre to seminars, festivals and performances, as well as a special program with activities for kids and families.

The magnificent building, inaugurated in 2004, was designed by London based architects Cécile Brisac and Edgar Gonzales.

The museum’s restaurant serves coffee, lunch, and 3-course dinners.

The Museum of World Culture has one star in the Michelin Green Guide.