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Design and crafts museum

The Röhsska Museum

Museum of Design and Craft

Just off the Avenue in central Gothenburg you find the Röhsska Museum. The museum shows everything from contemporary design to several thousand years old Chinese ceramics.

The Röhsska Museum is the only museum in Sweden specialized in design and craft since 1916. Historic and contemporary design and craft is presented in the exhibitions. Here you will find crafts, industrial design, fashion and special collections such as bookbinding, posters, folk textiles and Japanese woodcut. The objects in the museum collection tell stories about creativity, expression, styles, fashion and artistic ideals during different eras and in different parts of the world.

Design is everywhere and it affects us in many ways. The exhibitions and program at the Röhsska museum give insights about the notion of Design and how it influences our lives and material culture. Get to know the collection and the exhibition themes through a generous offer of program activities, lectures and workshops. Also, make sure not to miss out on the café and giftshop in the museum.

Röhsska Museet GöteborgCredits: Hendrik Zeitler

Credits: Peter Kvarnström

Credits: Carl Ander