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Sauna (temporarily closed)

The Sauna in Frihamnen

Probably the most spectacular sauna in Sweden.

The sauna is temporarily closed for renovation and is expected to reopen in spring 2024.

The public sauna in Jubileumsparken is a spectacular and temporary building made of recycled material. The sauna was built in 2014 by citizens of Gothenburg together with architects from Raumblabor Berlin.

New sauna expected to open in spring 2024

In 2024, a new sauna will replace the temporary building. The new sauna will reuse the characteristic facade panels from the current prototype and thus retain its unique appearance. Other parts will be built from scratch to ensure it lasts for permanent use. The new sauna will be located in the same location in the park as the current one and the plan is for it to open to the public in the spring 2024.

Credits: Peter Kvarnström