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Iconic sauna and landmark

The Sauna in Frihamnen (open)

Award-winning and architecturally spectacular sauna in Frihamnen. The sauna is open to the public and is right next to the floating pools in the river Göta älv.

The public sauna in Frihamnen is a popular destination. The distinctive appearance and location by the river Göta älv has also made it a well-known landmark, not only locally but also nationally and internationally.

The sauna was originally opened as a prototype made of recycled material in 2015, built by Gothenburg citizens together with architects from Raumblabor Berlin. In the summer of 2024, a new sauna has replaced the temporary building.

New sauna open from July 2024

The new sauna has reused the characteristic facade panels from the prototype and thus retained its unique appearance. Other parts have been built from the ground up to ensure it lasts for permanent use. The new sauna is located in the same place in the Jubilee Park, and opened to the public on July, 9 2024. During the summer, the sauna is open “on trial”, to test function and use, usually between 08.00 and 12.00 Monday to Friday. See website [in Swedish] for current information.

Credits: Emma Backman

Family swimming in the floating pools in the Jubilee Park in Gothenburg. The public Sauna in the background.

Credits: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

View over the floating pools and sauna in the Jubilee Park in Gothenburg.

Credits: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co