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Tudor-inspired castle

Tjolöholms slott

A beautiful castle south of Gothenburg.

Tjolöholm castle was built in 1898-1904 and the architecture is a mix of 14th century English style, Art Noveau and innovative design features.

The premises include nearly 30 buildings, several beautiful gardens and widespread nature. The castle is located on a peninsula with rich flora and fauna and you can choose from plenty of different walking routes through oak forests, beach meadows, barren cliffs and stop at outlooks and beaches.

Guided tours of the castle is available and you can visit the property all year round. Tjolöholm castle is also a popular hotel, with a restaurant and café.

You can spend the night at Tjolöholm, not inside the castle but in one of several cosy cottages on the castle grounds. Read more here.

Credits: Thomas Carlen