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Hiking trail


The trail offers many nice viewpoints and is quite easy to walk. Vildmarksleden is a 40 kilometer long nature trail that stretches through beautiful scenery along gravel roads and trails.

Vildmarksleden is a classic hiking trail in the Gothenburg area that stretches 40 kilometer from Skatås fitness centre to the centre of Hindås, opposite the railway station in Härryda. It runs through Kåsjön, Hornasjön and Stora Härsjön. 

The trail is a good fit for the casual hiker with gravel roads and trails and no steeps to climb. Except the small hill “Getryggen” (“the Goat back”) could possibly be a little tougher with steep climbing and difficulty with foot placement. From Skatås to Maderna, Vildmarksleden has the same route as Bohusleden and Gotaleden.

Many people appreciate cycling the trail, this is encouraged as long as the soil conditions are taken into account. Horseback riding is not suitable, but in some places you can go fishing. 

There are wind shelters at Maderna, Stora Härsjön and about three kilometers before Hindås where you can stay overnight.

You can divide the route into several stages with the help of the maps on Vildmarksleden’s website. Read more about Vildmarksleden here.

It takes about ten minutes to walk to Skatås fitness centre from the stop Welandergatan.