The brewers at Rådanäs Bryggeri start out from old brewing traditions, but add a modern touch to their craft beer. Their production include a classic steam beer, a variation of alt bier, a hoppy IPA, and more.

The brewery started in 2012, with one single brewer. Today, it remains at its beautiful location by the lake but with 10 employees and main brewer Karin Lund in charge of the brewing.

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What kinds of beer do you brew? Lagom Lager, Organic Pilsner, Lager, California Common, Alter Ego, Bourbon Mash Beer, Ekologisk Saison, Pale Ale, IPA, Black IPA, Porter, Organic Winter Beer, Organic Easter Beer, Session Beer.

Do you make low alcoholic beer? Yes.

Can you sample beer during a visit? Yes.

Are there regular times to visit? No.

How do you book?

Are your beers available at pubs in Gothenburg - at which ones? Yes, our beer is available at approximately 70 restaurants. From traditional pubs to chains like John Scott's and Tullen. And at restaurants like Sjömagasinet, Folk, Champagnebaren and Unity Jazz.