Cykelkungen is located in Olskroken, just east of the city centre. Here you can rent standard bikes, hybrids and kid’s bikes. Helmets and accessories also available.

Hyrcykeln - Rent a bike at Hönö

The islands in the northern part of the archipelago are made for biking. The scenery is beautiful and it’s easy to get around. If you don’t want to bring your bike from Gothenburg, you can rent one at Hyrcykeln. Read more here. 

Bike Tour Gothenburg & Rental

Kungsgatan 7B
Bike Tour Gothenburg & Rental, located on Kungsgatan in the city centre, offers both guided tours and rental bikes. Visit their Facebook page or call +46 73-502 06 12 for more information.

Styr & Ställ

Did you know that there are bikes all over the city that you can borrow for free? When you rent a Styr & Ställ bike, the first 30 minutes are always free, no matter how many times you rent a day. The second half hour cost you 10 SEK and the third 20 SEK. The fourth half hour and longer thereafter costs you 40 SEK for every started half hour. More info here.