A lot has happened in the neighbourhood Rosenlund over the past few years and a number of trendy restaurants have opened around Esperantoplatsen and near the seafood markethall Feskekôrka. When it comes to food you can for example choose between dim sum at Dubbel Dubbel or a Korean-Mexican fusion at Komex Market. Barabicu and Zamenhof are two other popular choices for a night out, and if you like boule you just have to head to Boulebar for a game (indoors all year round) and some food.

Explore the fish church

The seafood market hall Feskekôrka is one of Gothenburg's most iconic landmarks. It was designed by city architect Victor von Gegerfelt and built in 1874. The building was always intended as a market hall, but the design is highly church-inspired. Feskekôrka is well-worth a visit to see the architecture, buy seafood or grab some lunch. Many of the fishmongers also sell sallads or filled baguettes, the perfect choice to take away and eat outside by the canal. For a proper sit-down seafood lunch, head upstairs to Restaurang Gabriel, where you can choose from a number of classic dishes.