Long city route

Distance: 15 km

Start for example in the neighbourhood Lunden or at the square Redbergsplatsen. Run towards the city centre via Gårda, past the Tram Museum and via the canal at Stampen’s cemetery. Turn off and run past Ullevi arena. Continue straight past Gamla Ullevi arena and turn left onto the street Nya Allén. Here you can make an extra tour through the park Garden Society of Gothenburg (’Trädgårdsföreningen’), and then continue along Nya Allén past the fish market hall Feskekôrka and to the square Järntorget. Then run up the street Linnégatan (and don’t forget to run up to the fortification Skansen Kronan for the best view of the city). Take a run through the park Slottsskogen before running back down to the river Göta älv. Follow the river all the way back to the city centre until you arrive at the Gothenburg Opera. Run back and forth on the bridge Göta älvbron and you will get a nice view (an extra 2 km)!

Extra route in The Botanical Garden and Änggårdsbergen

Distance: 6 km

A run in Slottsskogen can be extended to the Botanical Garden and the nature reserve Änggårdsbergen. Run into the Botanical Garden, take a few detours there in order to see as much as possible, for example the valley Vitsippsdalen. Follow the signs in the garden and you will reach Änggårdsbergen nature reserve. Close to nature, in the middle of the city.

Download a pdf map and long route through the city

Skatås Eight

Distance: 8 km

Start by Skatås motionscentrum. Follow the green and white mark to get around the 8 km trail. The trail goes past the bathing spot at the lake Härlanda Tjärn. It has some slopes but ”the eighth” is not very hilly, but nice!

Extra route around the lake Lilla Delsjön

Distance: 4 km

If you want to extend the run with 4 km, you can turn at the cabin Bertilssons stuga and take the roundabout around the lake Lilla Delsjön and then return to the main trail.

”The green mile”

Follow the green mark from Skatås MotionCenter. The Swedish Mile (10 km) is much more hilly than 8 km trail and it feels more like a forest run. It’s really nice, but challenging and builds character and strong legs.

Download a pdf map and guide for Skatås

Uphill running

For uphill running, there is no place like the slalom slope Brudarebacken in Skatås, a 270 meter long hill with a vertical drop of 42 metres. Running uphill is really effective training and you get a nice reward in terms of the view from the top. To get here, you can, for example, take the 5 km trail.

Places such as the fortification Skansen Kronan in Haga are also good for uphill running and the view from there is well worth the sweat. One tip is to get up early on a weekend morning to have the place for yourself. And don't hurry down, enjoy the view over Gothenburg for a while!