One would have thought that the instinct of self-preservation would have kicked in, and yet, we (modern humans of this planet) have just carried on watching our screens, worried perhaps, but yet just carrying on. Future generations might ask why if we knew, said and did nothing…

Sacrifice-43_list.jpgA sacrifice is commonly defined as an act of slaughtering a living being, an animal, a person, or even a river, as an offering to a deity. To sacrifice is to give up something one values, to surrender a much-appreciated possession, even one’s own life, as a gift to something considered larger and greater. A sacrifice is done in exchange of benefits, such us prosperity or the continuation of the species.

The global powers of the West have created a series of sacrifice zones that extend across the continents of the Americas, Africa, and Asia, reaching across many sites in Europa, including Scania and up to northernmost Scandinavia. These zones are geographic areas permanently damaged by environmental destruction or economic disinvestment, marginalized places that bear the burdens of industrial capitalism. The well-being of both humans and ecosystems are compromised, through decisions taken by outside agents following abstract and illusory notions of “progress” or “development.” Mines, agro-industries and hydropower structures are just a few examples of such projects known to create sacrifice zones, schemes that arrogate for themselves the right to subject all forms of living, human and non-human, to its own terms, or worse, to non-existence.


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