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Sävelången Wake Club

Wakeboard, ring, water skis and kneeboard.

At Sävelången Wake Club you get to try different watersport activities such as wakeboarding, on the lake Sävelången. The club is located at Nääs Fabriker, 25 minutes from Gothenburg.

Sävelången‘s calm and serene lake environment provides a comfortable learning experience for the beginner as well as for the more seasoned rider. The experience is suitable for children and adults alike, and with professional instructors and a beautiful background setting Sävelången Wake Club offers a perfect family activity.


Address: Spinnerivägen 1
Stop: Nääs Fabriker
Phone: +46721609776
E-mail: savelangenwakeclub@gmail.com
Website: https://savelangenwakeclub.wordpress.com/