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Sense in nature

Shinrin Yoku in and around Gothenburg.

Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese practice that literally translates as "Forest Bathing". But you won’t need your swimming suit, it's a bath in the forest atmosphere. A typical forest bath takes between 2 to 3 hours, a walk of no more than 2-3 km at a very slow pace.

The walks are led by a certified nature & forest therapy guide who invites participants to open their senses with the help of nature around.

Forest bathing is an experience for everyone. It can be adapted to any age or physical condition. Each person is unique and will experience forest bath in his/her own way. It is a personal physical and sensual journey.

Shinrin yoku is a unique way to get to know the green area of Gothenburg: walks can be organized in natural reserve situated in the center of Gothenburg like Änggårdsbergen or Safjället, city parks like the Botanical garden or Slottsskogen. But why not open your senses to the smell of the see on Stora Amundön?

You can follow for a public walk in a group or you can book a private walk. Whatever your idea or need do not hesitate to contact your guide Laurence.


Phone: +46 (0)793 39 29 59
E-mail: contact@senseinnature.se
Website: https://www.senseinnature.se/