skargarden_advent_textbild.jpgThe programme is packed with music, children's activities, locally produced food and drink and and a lot of other things related to Christmas.

In Hönö Klåvas 20 stores you will find all the Christmas presents you need. There are 10 cozy restaurants to choose from in the area. For the children, the popular Tomtestugan (Santa's cottage) will be open on the first Advent weekend and on December 14, as ususal, the streets are filled with amusement, lotteries and singing choirs.


Read more here and see the whole programme. You can also book your tickets to the Archipelago boat Kungsö, which goes back and forth from Stenpiren, Eriksberg and Klippan to the "Advent in the Gothenburg archipelago" on Hönö Klåva island. The boat Kungsö departs all Saturdays, but not on Sunday December 1.