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Sportfiskarnas roddbåtsuthyrning

Rent a rowboat at Stora Delsjön.

At Sportfiskarnas rowboat rental, by the lake Stora Delsjön, you can rent a rowboat at an affordable price.

The boats should be booked in advance and the key is collected during office hours. Since Stora Delsjön is a water source, gasoline engines are not allowed, but if you have an electric motor, you are allowed to use it. 

You can go fishing with the yellow fishing license in the Delsjö lakes.  

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the tramstop Töpelsgatan to Stora Delsjön.


Address: Sjölyckan 6
Stop: Töpelsgatan
Phone: +46 (0)31 40 17 40, +46(0) 70 336 00 22
E-mail: info@sportfiskarna.se
Website: https://www.sportfiskarna.se/Fiske/Fiske-i-Göteborg/Båtuthyrning