Göteborg Ishockey Cup

Ice rinks in Gothenburg, January 2–5

We don’t have to wait long for the first sporting event of 2020. Between January 2–5 the international ice hockey tournament Göteborg Ishockey Cup will be played in Gothenburg. Nine different countries are going to be represented in the two categories B14 and G14. The games are being played in ice rinks in and around Gothenburg. 

Gothia Innebandy Cup

Indoor sports centers in Gothenburg, January 3–6 

Gothia Innebandy Cup is played over the same weekend as Göteborg Ishockey Cup. This is the world’s largest floorball tournament and 1300 games will be played in 28 different indoor sports centres around Gothenburg. There will be around 10,000 young players from up to eight different countries that participate in the tournament. There is a live score feature on the tournament’s website for every game and some of the games are shown live. 


Scandinavium Arena, January 10–14

Sweden is the co-host of the 2020 year’s European Championship, along with Austria and Norway. Sweden will be playing its group stage games in Scandinavium Arena versus Switzerland, Poland and Slovenia. There are 24 national teams in the tournament that will fight to become European champions. 

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Leon Lurje Trophy

Frölundaborg Arena, January 24–26 

The international ice-skating competition Leon Lurje Trophy is taking place in the arena Frölundaborg January 24–26. It’s the world elite in synchronized skating (16 figure skaters in each team) that is taking part in the competition and the two best Swedish teams will qualify for the World Cup later in in the year. 

Gothenburg Horse Show

Scandinavium Arena, February 19–23 

Gothenburg Horse Show is one of the world’s leading indoor competitions in equestrian sport. World class riders and horses are present and contributes to a spectacular program including show jumping and dressage as well as Mounted Games (horse-relay) and agility – which tend to be popular among the crowd. 

EM i trampolin

Scandinavium Arena, May 7–10 

Around 650 participants from all around Europe are coming to Gothenburg to compete in the European Championship in Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT. All events will be taking place in Scandinavium Arena on May 7–10. The world champion Lina Sjöberg is among the contestants who will fight for another championship medal in front of the home crowd. 



Start and finish line at Slottsskogsvallen, May 12–17 

Göteborgsvarvet is one of the biggest annual events in Gothenburg. It’s a week filled with several track events and happenings in the city. The first event, Trailvarvet (trail) is taking place on Tuesday and is followed by Stafettvarvet (relay), Specialvarvet (intellectual disabilities) before the main event and half marathon Göteborgsvarvet is taking place on Saturday, May 16.

The races Minivarvet (small children), Cityvarvet (4,3 km) and Yoga Run are taking place on Saturday, too, before Lilla Varvet (kids) finish the week off on Sunday. Thousands and thousands of runners will be seen on the streets of Gothenburg during the weekend. A great event for the crowd too!

Göteborg Basketball Festival

Indoor sports center in Gothenburg, May 21–24

One of the biggest youth tournaments in basketball is played in Gothenburg every year. It is the perfect way to round off the season for everyone who loves basketball. Around 500 teams from up to 20 different countries participate in the tournament. 

Bildresultat för göteborg basketball festival


Start and finish line at Heden, May 29–31 

Runners are replaced by cyclists on Gothenburg's streets two weeks after Göteborgsvarvet when the bicycle race Göteborgsgirot goes through the city. Start and finish line for the 140 km long race is at Heden. This is a race where the amateurs will have the chance to go up against the elite – and discover Gothenburg at the same time. 

Partille Cup

Football fields in Gothenburg, June 29–July 4

Partille Cup is the world’s biggest handball tournament and as always it’s played outside on the pitches of Gothenburg in the middle of the summer. Partille Cup is a tournament for kids between 10–21 years old and it’s always an immensely popular event. Last year was a record year that saw 1400 teams from 52 nations compete for the medals. Heden is the epicentre of the tournament with 26 playing fields and games from early morning until late afternoon, a food court and a sports-good store.

GKSS Match Cup and Nordea Women’s Trophy 

Marstrand, July 1–5 

A big crowd and the best sailors in the world have come to Marstrand and GKSS Match Cup for 25 years and it has, therefore, become one of the biggest sailing venues in Northern Europe. Between July 1–5 it’s time again for the men and women at the highest possible level to compete for a chance to win Match Cup (men) and Nordea Women’s Trophy (women). 

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Nya Ullevi Arena, July 3–5 

Vräldsungdomsspelen is an athlethic youth competition and the biggest of its kind in all of the Noridc countries. The youngest athletes are 12 and there is an age category for every year up to seniors. The tournament is taking place at Gothenburg’s biggest event venue Nya Ullevi. If you look back at the results over the years, you will find some of the greatest Swedish athletes of all time: Christian Olsson, Erica Johansson, Stefan Holm, Sanna and Jenny Kallur and Carolina Klüft. 


Gothia Cup

Football fields in Gothenburg, July 12–18 

Just over a week after the last finals of Partille Cup, it’s time for the biggest youth football tournament in the world to enter Gothenburg. Players and teams from all over the world come to Gothenburg and play football, spread joy and meet new friends. 1650 teams from 80 nations and all continents are represented in this amazing event. 



Southern archipelago, August 

Öloppet is a swimrun event in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The race goes between the islands Styrsö, Brännö and Vrångö in a combined 40 km, of which 5,7 is in the water. It’s possible to swimrun 22 km or 7,7 km instead of the full 40 km or for children to enter the junior age category of 1,9 km.

Swedish Championships in Mountain Biking

Skatås, August 8–9 

Gothenburg will host the Swedish Championship in mountain bike, and it will take place in the forest Skatås during the weekend August 8–9. It’s the best cyclists in Sweden that will enter the competitions Cross Country Olympic and Cross-Country Short Track for a chance to become the Swedish champion.  


Delsjön, August 16 

Göteborgssimmet is a swim race and part of The Gothenburg Classic (Göteborgsklassikern) which is a trio of achieved races during the year – cycling 50 km, swim 1 km and a run 10 km. The swim race takes place in the lake Delsjön and is set in open water. There are usually between 1000–1500 participants every year.  

Göteborg Grand Prix

Slottsskogsvallen, 19 augusti

Göteborg GP is the last part of the main competition Folksam Granp Prix which has four events over the summer. Some of Sweden’s greatest athletes competed last year. Among them was the European Champion Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, the European Championship medalists Lovisa Lindh, Andreas Kramer and Daniel Ståhl and the Swedish long jump talent Tilde Johansson. We hope to see a line up just as strong this year. 


Urban Run

Start and Finish line at Kungstorget, September 13

Discover Gothenburg in your running shoes on September 13. Run through central Gothenburg in shops, allies and cafés on a 6 km long track. A great running experience with several fun surprises on the way.

Bilden kan innehålla: text där det står ”URBAN RUN GOTHENBURG”


Start and finish line at Nya Ullevi Arena, August 22 

The late-night run Midnattsloppet goes through the streets of the inner city on August 22. A fun event where you can choose between the 5 or 10 km race. The track will be packed with live music and a great crowd. One of the competitions you can enter is Midnattsloppet Masquerade where you let your imagination flow and dress up for the race. The best costume will win a prize. 



Kvibergs Park, September 26 

Toughest is an extremely physically demanding race, and it tests more than just the running ability. The race goes through different terrains such as grass, sand, mud, and water over 8 km. There are additionally 40 obstacles around the race that will test the strength and stamina of the contestants. Expect to become muddy! 



Skatås, Oktober 31 

Finalloppet is a running event that takes place in the forest. It’s the renowned running terrain of Skatås that the race will go through and there are several different distances to choose from. 10 or 19 km for men and women, 1,8 or 2,3 km for the young runners and 5,3 for the older teenagers and seniors. There is also a 250-meter-long race for the smallest children where everyone gets a medal and a bag of little surprises at the finish line. 



Start and finish line at Heden, December 31 

Finish the year by running a 10 km race in central Gothenburg at midday on New Year’s Eve. Take the opportunity to use the last energy you have got from the year. The start and finish line are set up at Heden and the race will pass the public friendly boulevard Avenyn.