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Stora Holms Säteri

A place where many things are happening.

Come and spend a day among art and food! Don’t forget to buy something to bring home and stop for a coffee at the café.

In the shop you’ll find a lovely mixture of interior design and gardening décor, everything has the feel of Stora Holm. Visit the potter Jennie who makes and sells personal ceramics, and if you’re looking for a workshop, she offers that as well. You can also check out Malin Årsbog’s studio, where she paints big oil and acrylic paintings. She also offers workshops!

Dalis Gård has their sewing studio and kitchen on the farm, where they make sheep skins and delicacies which you can buy in the shop. In Svante’s place Marstrand Deli you can get catering for your next party, choose between oyster tasting and the Chef’s table. 


Address: Stora Holms Säteri 1 C
Stop: Stora Holms Gård
Website: http://www.storaholmssateri.se/