Strömma offers several cruises and boat tours in Gothenburg's archipelago, both in daytime and in the evening. Step onboard and enjoy the beautiful archipalgo in and by itself, or accompanied by entertainment and delicious seafood.

Shrimp and salmon cruise

Experience the archipelago aboard a classic ship. Enjoy the musical entertainment onboard and, as Gothenburg has some of the world's best fish and shellfish, prepare for a real treat at the buffet.

The ship M/S S:t Erik departs from Lilla Bommen, just a short walk from the central trainstation, and takes you out into the southern archipelago, where you can see well-known islands like Brännö, Styrsö and Donsö.

For more information about departures, menus etcetera, please see Strömma.

Brunch cruise

Enjoy brunch, cruising and the beautiful archipelago - all at once! Every Saturday and Sunday, April-October, M/S Carl Michael Bellman departs from Lilla Bommen for a three-hour brunch cruise in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. On the buffet table you'll find everything from salmon and herrings to homemade meatballs, cheese platter, fresh salads and desserts.

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery while the ship cruises along in the archipelago. Upper deck also houses a large sundeck where you can enjoy the sun and the salty, fresh breeze.

For more information about departures, menus etcetera, please see Strömma.

Dinner cruise around Hisingen

This classic cruise will take you for a guided tour around Hisingen, Sweden's fifth largest island. 

The four-hour cruise departs from Lilla Bommen and takes you along the winding waterways of the rivers Göta älv and Nordre Älv, Björkö Fjord and finally Gothenburg's beautiful and dynamic harbour.

During the course of the tour you will learn about the historical and legendary sites along the route, and in the restaurant you get to enjoy the well-composed à la carte menu.

For more information about departures, menus etcetera, please see Strömma.

Archipelago tour with guide

Discover the Gothenburg archipelago on a guided tour. Join the traditional ship M/S S:t Erik on a 2.5 hr guided cruise through Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The tour is live guided in Swedish and English. On board you can buy snacks and drinks (note that you are not allowed to bring your own food). The tour leaves from Lilla Bommens guest harbour Wed-Fri, July 15-August 18.

For more information about departures, menus etcetera, please see Strömma.

Guided tour to Vinga

In Juli and August, Strömma offers a guided boat tour to the island Vinga. The ship M/S Carl Michael Bellman takes you from Lilla Bommen through the port of Gothenburg and the southern archipelago, all the way out to Vinga - the westernmost point of Gothenburg.

The tour takes about 3.5 hours, including one hour to explore the amazing scenery on Vinga, visit the well-known lighthouse and museum, or take part of the guided tour included in the boat ticket.

Hungry? You can pre-order a classic shrimp sandwich for the boat tour, and there is also a café onboard, offering pastries, snacks and drinks.

For more information about departures, menus etcetera, please see Strömma.

Paddan – sightseeing along the canals of Gothenburg

Strömma also operates the sightseeing boats "Paddan", one of the most popular ways of experiencing and exploring Gothenburg from the water.

Read more about the guided Paddan tours.

New Älvsborg Fortress

Let Strömma take you on a guided boat tour that takes you through the Gothenburg harbour and out to the New Älvsborg Fortress in only 30 minutes. Let yourself get caught up and intrigued by guided tour that tells you all about the history of the fortress, which stretches all the way from the 1500s until present day. While on the island you have plenty of time to explore the historical environment and to enjoy the beautiful view.

The tour runs daily from June 27 until August 17. Read more about the tour here.



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