The 30-minute rule

When you rent a bike, the first 30 minutes are always free, no matter how many times you rent a day. The second half hour cost you 10 SEK and the third 20 SEK. The fourth half hour and longer thereafter costs you 40 SEK for every started half hour.

3-day card

The 3-day card is usually suitable for most visitors. The card costs 25 SEK and is purchased at any of the rental stations using a debit or credit card. Apart from the 25 SEK there will be a deposit of 140 SEK on your card and you’ll be charged in case you exceed the 30-minute rule. In other words, if you keep within the rule you’ll only pay 25 SEK, in total.

Please note that you can not rent the same bike for more than 24 consecutive hours, if you wish to rent a bike for longer you need to switch bikes. 


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