1. Choose an eco-labelled restaurant

Many restaurants in Gothenburg are eco certified by Svanen, Krav, Svensk Miljöbas, ISO and more. By choosing an eco-labelled restaurant you can be sure that you make a good choice for the environment.

2. Veggies before meat

Even if you just love meat, why not go vegetarian now and then? In Gothenburg there are loads of restaurants serving great veggie alternatives and also several all vegetarian restaurants.

3. Drink tap water instead of bottled water

Choosing tap water instead of bottled water is good for the environment because it means fewer unnecessary transports. In Gothenburg, and Sweden, we have excellent water straight from the tap.  

4. Order draught beer

Choose draught beer and tap water before bottled water and bottled beer. This is better for the environment because it means less transports and less glass production.

5. Dare to ask!

Studies show that many guests want to ask about the food and where it comes from but don't feel comfortable doing so. But in fact, many restaurateurs appreciate that guests are interested and will be happy to tell you about the origin of the food and other sustainability issues. By asking you also let the restaurant know that the issue is important to you.