Taverna Averna is located on Tredje långgatan and on the same block as Kafé Magasinet, Made in China, Tacos & Tequila and Olssons vin. All part of the restaurant family called "Avenyfamiljen". We met with Tobias Hamberg from the company.

– We are very proud of the organic farming. It's nice to be able to say to our guests that “The mint in your drink was grown on our roof!”.

Just like the rest of the restaurant, the organic vegetable farm on the roof is environmentally certified by Krav. Tobias Hamberg says that he has noticed an increased interest among the guests when it comes to sustainability and organic food.

– The awareness is much bigger now than just a couple of years ago, and it will probably keep growing, he says.

No bottled water and more veggies

Krav is a Swedish eco label with high demands when it comes to animal welfare, health, social responsibility and environmental impact. A restaurant can get one, two or three Krav labels and, so far, Taverna Averna has got one Krav label. This means that 25 % of the products are Krav labelled and that the restaurant serves smaller amounts of meat. But according to Tobias Hamberg that’s not something that the guests will suffer from.

– Everybody gets full and it's better to ask for more, instead of getting too much on your plate.

– If you leave a quarter of a pizza, we ask if you want to take it with you, says one of the waitors who happens to overhear our conversation.

The restaurant's sustainabiltity focus can also be seen on the menu where the vegetarian alternatives are listed among the rest of the dishes rather than in a seperate category. To avoid unnecessary transports the restaurant uses tap water instead of bottled water. Also, Tobias Hamberg wants the restaurants to increase the amount of Krav labelled products every year.

– Our ambition is to always develop our sustainability work. We believe in a long term process and we see sustainability as a key condition. It may lead to some more administrative work but it's a must.