At Röseberget mountain you will find the highest peak in Öckerö municipality. It measures 54 metres and you can get there by following the yellow and red trail. Björkö differs from the other islands nearby with its lush forests and meadows. 


The highest point of Grötö is just a hillock 20 metres above sea level, located on the northern side of the island. The whole island is free of cars, making it the perfect spot for a serene walk in the oak forest listening to the birds singing, the leaves blowing in the trees and the waves of the ocean.


Kalvsund is the smallest island of the ten, and also car free. The Valenstigen path will take you through the west side of the island up to the top of the mountain. When reaching the 31-metre-high mountain you will be accompanied with the beacon Valen.


The highest peak of Fotö is the water tower. Here, you will have a great view in all directions. There is a strange feeling watching Gothenburg from here, feeling like you are in a completely different world.


Hönö also has a water tower as its top point. From here, you will be able to see Vinga island and the central village of Klåva.


The top point of the island is marked with a small cairn, located in the northwestern part by Hjälvik. You can also climb the cairn if you feel like getting even higher. This area is surrounded by paths, beaches and barren cliffs. You will always be able to find leeward, and the magnificent sunset in the horizon is never far away.


The highest peak of Hälso is a vantage-point at Stuvö Vale. Follow the yellow marks across the mountain to get there. At the top, a cairn, a small table with a compass, a bench and a signpost will be found. If you are lucky, you can see as far as to Marstrand island from here.


Knippla has a great nature area on the northern side of the island. You can get around by walking ‘slingan’, The highest peak is the water tower, but the finest vantage point is slightly lower on a hillock just north of the tower. Stand here and enjoy the view in every direction.


Hyppeln has a nice walking trail around the northern part of the island which takes you past the highest peak of the island, Fort of Hyppeln measuring 40 meters above sea level. From here you have a panoramic view of the horizon where you can see the lighthouses Oset in the west, Vinga in the southwest and Pater Noster in the northwest.


The northernmost island in the archipelago has the most barren nature. Here you will find a beautiful nature reserve with two hiking trails. The island's highest peak measures 40 metres, and you will find it in the central part. From here you get a good overview of both Rörö and the entire northern archipelago. You can also see all the way to Marstrand. Both the blue and orange trail will take you near the top.

Interested in climbing these peaks?

There are boats taking you to several places in the northern archipelago. Bring a bicycle since this is an easy way to travel between the larger islands.

From Lilla Varholmen on the mainland you choose the car ferry to Öckerö. From here you will be able to reach Fotö, Hönö and Hälsö. If you instead want to reach the inner islands you can go with the ferry to Björkö, where you also have the opportunity to reach Kalvsund, Grötö and Öckerö.

To reach the northernmost islands you go to Hälsö and Burö ferry location, going by ferry towards Knippla, Hyppeln and Rörö.


This is article is originally written by Annelie Pompe, professional adventurer from Sweden.