What should first-time visitors to Gothenburg not miss?
I love the area around Magasinsgatan, as well as Vallgatan, which runs across it. You’ll find many fine interior design shops here, as well as fashion and food. Granit on Vallgatan is a good example. On Magasinsgatan you have Artilleriet,
Floramor and Krukatös, Norrgavel, Grandpa and garaget, which occasionally holds exhibitions and flea markets. But then there is also da Matteo, which is a great café and bakery, my favourite restaurant Hello Monkey (try the tuna fish!) and Beijing8 (good for lunch) just a stone’s throw away.

Where do you hunt for unexpected bargains?
Ebbes Hörna, which is on Vallgatan. Or The old Antique Halls (Antikhallarna). It’s easy to find really charming and unusual objects there!

Where do you go to find new trends and inspiration?
Artilleriet. It’s one of the most talked-about interior design stores in Sweden right now!

Where do you go when you want to find something that’s typical of Gothenburg or Sweden?
Krypton form [closed since December 2014] has a good selection of locally designed goods, but if you have time you should head for Linné and check out Ann Louise Landelius’ fashion and interior design boutique, which has bags to die for.

What’s your best buy this year and where did you find it?
Oh, that’s a difficult one. We’ve just bought a house, so I’ve had to buy a lot recently. I’ve found lots of good vintage bargains at Holmens Marknad near Lilla Bommen. It’s
great for second-hand items if you are looking for something unique! I recently
bought a big storage chest for my son’s room for just SEK 100!

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